Hayley R was started out by lil old me Hayley Roberts in 2012, in the land of sunshine and strawberries - Nelson NZ.

I have always grown up as a creative. Watching my mother knit those beautiful 80's/90's kids jumpers and entries to the Wearable Art Awards in its early days had a massive impact on me creatively. To this day those colour combinations that I saw her put together heavily influence my art.

Something else that also heavily influences me is my home town of Nelson. The beach, the sea, the art, the craft, just the all round chilled outness. This all helps me to create my art work that allows you to feel like there's always a spot of summer, the sea and the beach hanging around in your home.

I love working with the original side of photography, so you will find me with my film cameras ready to roll. I fell in love with the darkroom when I was 15 and I have made sure that at ever stage of my study has had me use that beautiful room that allows magic to happen right in front of you.

2016 see's a shift in my practice, with me reverting back to pure photographic imagery and printing on a large scale (a little nod to my academic life). This is a very exciting change in tact and with some images have been held inside the Hayley vault for over five years! I am pretty excited to be releasing them to the wild.

I am also working on a documentary project that is very close to my heart, Civvy. So if you a military family or loved one, please get in touch. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I really do hope you love what I do!

Hayley xo

I have a few of those diploma/degree/postgrad things too...

  • Diploma in Contemporary Photography (Design and Arts College of New Zealand)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Arts (University of Auckland, Elam School of Fine Arts)

I have also had my own artwork and photographs in a few mag's...

  • Urbis Landscapes
  • Threaded Magazine
  • Art News New Zealand

And I have been selling my pretty things a few cool spots..

  • Auckland Fair (2012 -NOW)
  • Auckland Indie Markets (2012 - NOW)
  • The Great Christmas Market (2013 - 2015)
  • The Little Beehive Co-op Nelson
  • HAPA, Christchurch